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Fisher & Paykel 24" Contemporary Integrated Wine Column

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Model #:
RS2484VL2K1 & RS2484VR2K1

Product Details

  • Custom panel ready french door design (Panel not included)
  • Integrated models fit flush and have minimal gaps, with no visible hinges
  • A generous 91 bottle capacity, with optional display capability for your favorite bottles
  • Two independent Variable Temperature Zones, each with four wine modes to create the best environment for any varietal
  • Four specially developed wine modes provide optimal temperatures for serving and cellaring different types of wine. Red, White, Sparkling and Cellar modes ensure that each bottle gets the care it needs to be enjoyed at its best
  • Optional manual adjustment in 1°F increments between 43-64°F
  • The tinted glass door effectively filters out UV light, allowing your wine to mature at its natural pace
  • LED lighting provides four beautiful illumination options to showcase the jewels of your collection, from a candlelit ambiance to a brilliant display lighting

Joiner kit included for paired installation with Column Refrigeration*

Left or Right hinge options available

SPEC SHEET - Left Hinge

SPEC SHEET - Right Hinge