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Nilfisk Vacuums

Sure, you want a beautiful home, but convenience is probably also at the top of your want list as you contemplate renovating your existing home or purchasing a new one. While not flashy, Nilfisk central vacuums can supply an easy way to keep your space clean. What is more convenient than that?

Nilfisk is the largest supplier of cleaning equipment in the world. Nilfisk creates products for the home as well as for use in the agricultural, industrial and numerous other arenas. It has been making the world a cleaner place for more than a century. At Avenue Appliance in Edmonton, you will find a selection of central vacuums and accessories.

European Motors

The Nilfisk company was founded in 1906 and added central vacuums to its product list in 1988. Parts for the Nilfisk vacuums are manufactured in European Union countries known for their engineering excellence. The lengthy warranties on the life of the motors reflect the high quality of those manufacturers' parts.

Motors for a central vacuum are more powerful than the canister-type, so your cleaning is more efficient. Since the Nilfisk Central Vacuums are located in an out-of-the-way part of the home, they are truly heard and not seen, as the hoses are placed inside the walls, and numerous outlets are located throughout the house for ease of cleaning your entire home.

Selecting Nilfisk Vacuums

At our Edmonton appliance store, our professionals assist you in choosing the Nilfisk Central Vacuum with the amount of power you need in a motor and an attachment kit that matches the flooring of your home. The tough, long lasting motor is made in Italy, and the attachment features top-of-the-line German technology.

Call us or request a quote on a new Nilfisk vacuum to make your home cleaner and your life easier.