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Ankarsrum Appliances

Founded in the 1940s, Ankarsrum has a rich and storied past when it comes to kitchen appliances, especially food mills and electric mixers. Notable for their crisp, clean lines, the mixers from Ankarsrum are prized by home chefs around the world for their aesthetics and unmatched functionality.

Available in a variety of colors that can match the decor of any kitchen, Ankarsrum mixers are also as versatile and durable as they come. The powerful, yet remarkably quiet motor self-adjusts so that you don’t have to watch it as closely as other mixers. This is really the mixer that does everything but the dishes and that isn’t just talk. This mixer is truly a one-stop convenience center for the home kitchen.

Accessories That Really Make the Difference

Ankarsrum understands that a mixer is more than a simple tool. It can become the center of the kitchen. That is, with the right attachments, it can play multiple roles in the kitchen. For that reason, Ankarsum provides a variety of useful attachments for their mixers such as:

  • Three different pasta rollers
  • A flaker
  • A grain mill
  • A blender
  • A juicer
  • A meat grinder
  • A kneader

It is easy to see why the Ankarsrum Original® has been renowned for over half a century by people who want exceptional performance from a single, multi-purpose kitchen appliance.

Ankarsrum mixers are the best of the best. Whether you want to mix your own pasta, bread dough or cake mix, the powerful motor and the oversized 7.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl let you get the job done. The variable speed dial lets you accurately control the appliance and there is a timer included for automatic shut-off. The low profile of the mixer means that it will fit under almost any cabinet or that it can be conveniently stored in a minimal space.