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Vacuums in Edmonton

Vacuuming is always a chore – one of those duties that has to be done again and again. Powerful vacuums are your best friend, because the sooner the endless chore is done, the sooner you can do something productive and fun out and about in Edmonton.

Central Vacuum or Canister?

Benefits of Central Vacuums

A central vacuum system has many benefits. The motor is more powerful and the suction greater. It is quieter because the motor is more likely to be located a distance from your main living areas. The motor has a longer warranty and normally a longer life. Lightweight hoses make the central vacuum easy to use.  A unique addition to a  central vacuum, though, is the suction dustpans. You can sweep dirt toward a wall vent, and the suction will pull the dirt into the piping in the wall and whisk it away. Avenue Appliance recommends Nilfisk for central vacuums.

Benefits of Canister Vacuums

Canister Vacuums are an attractive alternative. We carry very powerful Miele canister vacuums to help our Edmonton customers clean their homes.

These vacuums are attractively shaped and come in a number of pleasing colors. Their motors are quiet, but powerful enough to clean every floor surface in your home as well as the drapes, window sills and where ever dust collects. The addition of a HEPA filter will be the best way to remove allergens and is changed on a regular basis.

Stop by our Edmonton appliance store for all your appliance needs including canister or central vacuums.