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Refrigeration in Edmonton

Refrigerators aren't always the most glamorous appliance in your house – usually, they're tall, blocky and cold – but they're always there for every member of your family. Your refrigerator must keep its cool every hour of every day to protect the health of your family and your investment in food. So, if it is time for a new fridge in your home, you want to choose wisely.

While you may prefer the classic look of a refrigerator and freezer in one unit, the time has come that you can design your kitchen (or other rooms of your home) with different refrigeration units that best match your style. Our professional staff can assist you with an varying selection that matches your cooling requirements and your personal flair.

European Refrigerators For Your Edmonton Home

We stock the European brands of Blomberg, Bosch, Liebherr, Perlick, Marvel and Miele fridges because we believe they deliver the best service for our customers. Refrigerators are on all the time, so the noise a unit produces is particularly important to the atmosphere of your home. The European models we carry have been selected, in part, for their quiet operation – just one aspect of the superior engineering that goes into every unit.

The fridges feature dual cooling systems with variable speed compressors to keep the temperature constant. As a result, most of the models have earned “Energy Star Ratings.”

While your wallet enjoys the energy savings, your taste buds can enjoy the freshness of food treated to the refrigerators' BioFresh features. These maintain a correct temperature and humidity inside the fridge to contribute to better-tasting food for a longer time.

Our Refrigerators Add Style

We offer you an exceptional selection of the highest quality refrigerators so you can protect your family and show off your kitchen with pride.