Small Appliances

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Small Appliances in Edmonton

No kitchen is complete without the small appliances you use every day. As your one stop shop for all your appliance needs, we stock a high performance, premium line of small appliances for our Edmonton customers.

Small appliances continually evolve as features are added and refined. While the small powerhouses are built to last, many people enjoy refreshing theirs more frequently than their major appliances. You can create a different look in an established kitchen by introducing small appliances in the latest colors.

Mixers & Mixer Appliances

We select only the best mixers for baking, bread making and more. Our premium mixers are equipped with a number of basic implements to get you started – enough for your home to smell of freshly baked bread or birthday cake.

For some homemakers, a basic mixer is enough. Others delight in whipping up more complex masterpieces. They enjoy adding mixer accessories to create a kitchen center that slices, dices, grates and juices. Additional accessories can grind meat or make pasta from scratch.


One favorite kitchen appliance has moved on from simply toasting bread. Toasters have long offered different browning settings. Now, bread can be defrosted and bagels can also be slid into the slots – either two or four to match the size of your family. Some toaster manufacturers have added small ovens or places to prepare other foods along with bread.

Tea Kettles

The day isn't complete without a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup. Our tea kettles can heat water faster and more safely than your microwave. They come in a range of colors to match your kitchen. We have a great selection of high performance small appliances with the latest features. Why not stop by to see what's new?