Wall Ovens

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Electric, Convection & Gas Wall Ovens in Edmonton

Choosing wall ovens for your kitchen may help an everyday cook feel like a chef. You already know you can rely on the cooking basics with the superb engineering of any of our European or North American brands. The options are what turn your Edmonton kitchen into a fun-for-the-cook playground.

Wall Ovens Are Practical

With conventional ranges, cooks have to bend and stoop when using their ovens. No more. Because you are constructing your kitchen around the ovens, you get to choose the size and a comfortable height. Installing your oven(s) higher eliminates the stooping and makes checking on the foods' progress easier. It can also lessen the chances for accidents.

For homeowners who use wheelchairs or scooters for mobility, an oven can be placed at an exact height for your convenience. Plus, you choose the way the door opens. It no longer must pull down, you may want a side-opening door – and you can have it.

Different Cooking, Heating Methods

With a conventional kitchen stove, homemakers are limited to one type of heat and the type of fuel with which to bake or roast their food. When installing wall units, homemakers choose between steam, convection ovens, fan-assisted convection, speed ovens or even microwaves. Each type can be slipped into a wall cavity to create more work stations and more convenience for you. We have wall units to accommodate whichever fuel you prefer, and some accept two.

Fun With Colorful Wall Ovens

Since you've decided to add wall ovens in your Edmonton kitchen, you have amped up the appearance possibilities as we offer not just the usual finishes but a wide range of colors that can make your kitchen hop or add quiet elegance. It's your home and your style. We provide the expertise to make it happen.