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Range Hoods & Hood Fans in Edmonton

Homemade bread. Pumpkin pie. Cabbage. Fish. Not all cooking aromas are equal --- nor equally pleasing. That's where range hoods and proper ventilation come to the rescue. Many homeowners want to flip a switch, have the offending odors whisked away and not concern themselves with the hows.

Fortunately, engineers don't feel the same way and enjoy designing equipment to effectively make those unappealing kitchen odors disappear with a minimum of noise.

Range Hoods' Power and Speeds

“Cubic Feet Per Minute” probably means nothing to you, but it does to the engineers who build range hoods to carry varying amounts of odor, grease and moisture away from your kitchen. Many things must be considered to create range hoods you don't have to think about. The larger your stove, the more powerful the ventilation needs to be. A gas range also requires a more powerful hood fan than an electric cooktop does.

The experts also need to know whether to vent outside, or recirculate the air the fan removes from your kitchen.

Range Hoods That Deliver Peace of Mind

Since homeowners mainly desire an efficient system they don't have to think about too much, Avenue Appliance brings the best to Edmonton. You can count on efficiently removing odors and moisture – in the proper volume and at an appropriate speed – when you choose one of our range hoods.

Our experienced staff can ask a few questions and recommend appropriate technical solutions. All you really have to select is the appearance that matches your decorating style and a proper hood height. You don't want to be knocking your head into the hood every time you cook, nor having it in your face, blocking your food preparation from view.

Using the expertise of our staff allows you to relax and easily create your dream kitchen.