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Cleaning Products in Edmonton

Anything you need for all your household equipment can be found at Avenue Appliance. We offer not just the best lines to keep your home running clean and smooth, but also the products necessary to keep the appliances themselves clean and running smoothly.

Less Detergent Is Better

We have learned that the right detergent, in the proper amount, can prolong the life of your washer and dishwasher by helping them perform at their peak. We have also learned that too often people tend to think more is always better and throw too much cleanser in with a load. You can purchase premeasured detergents to remove the guesswork. We carry the best laundry and dishwasher detergents available along with softeners and other products to increase the efficiency of your appliances.

Refrigeration and Range Needs

Your other household appliances will all benefit by being kept clean, and we can supply the products recommended for each. Your refrigeration units require new filters and fresheners, and the glass top ranges must be cleaned with special products to avoid damaging the glass.

Stop by the store and chat with our friendly staff for their suggestions about how to keep your various appliances sparkly clean. When your appliances are running smoothly and doing a good job, you may notice that your own life is more often than not running smoothly as well -- or not. The beauty of good appliances is that they work so efficiently you don't have to think about them.