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Standalone Stacking Washers and Dryers in Edmonton

If it feels as though you are always doing laundry, be assured you are not alone. Our fine European laundry machines by Asko, Blomberg, Bosch and Miele have been built for six or seven loads a week for 18 to 20 years. While that's a lot of clothes washing in your future, doesn't it feel good to know you will be getting your money's worth with your new purchase?

Latest Technology Enhances Our Washers & Dryers

The brands of laundry machines carried by Avenue Appliance in Edmonton offer our customers the latest technology. Among the advances are front-loading tubs that sense load size and use the appropriate amount of water and energy. You can choose a variety of both washing and drying options using the buttons and dials on the machines themselves. The washing machines wash thoroughly but are gentle enough for your most delicate fabrics. The dryers have sensors to alert the machines when the moisture level is low enough for the drying to stop.

For your convenience and efficiency, washers & dryers are equipped with buzzers to alert you when a load is completed. You can either immediately put wet clothes into a dryer or remove dry clothing so it doesn't wrinkle.

Choosing the Proper Location

Your laundry machines can be placed in a location that is most convenient for your family. A stackable combination can fit easily into a closet while the side-by-side version might be better suited for a utility area of its own or an under-the-counter area of the kitchen.

Avenue Appliance's selection of laundry machines makes it simple to keep your clothing and other washables clean while the fabrics are protected. Come in to our Edmonton Appliance store to view our selection of high quality laundry machines.