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Some of the best summer memories are spent around your barbecue with friends and family. No backyard is complete without a grill, laughter, and your closest friends. If you are looking for a barbecue, Edmonton has no shortage of options. However, those searching for high performance, durable charcoal barbecues built to withstand the city’s climate should visit Avenue Appliance.

Home Chefs Love Charcoal Barbecues

Experienced home chefs who enjoy flavorful meats and veggies may want to bring home a charcoal barbecue. Great grilling and smoking comes down to one simple measure of success: FLAVOR. Kamado Joe’s mouth-watering, smoke-infused and crowd-pleasing results never disappoint.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

Truly customize your outdoor cooking experience by selecting a high-end barbecue. These designs work seamlessly with any outdoor décor. A variety of available grill tray types, including open and solid, give you even more options.

Whether you are renovating your entire backyard or are simply looking to upgrade your cooking equipment, stop into Avenue Appliances today to see the type of barbecue Edmonton homeowners love.