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  • "What makes Avenue Appliance so unique is the personalized service you get from Jerry and Faith"
  • "They matched my needs and then made great recommendations for which appliance model would work best"
  • "We would recommend Avenue to all our friends who are looking to do a design & build of their kitchen"
  • "Being able to go into the store, speak with the owners and get exactly what we wanted made us really happy"
  • "If you want to be looked after, if you don't want to have a lot of hassles with your purchases and you really feel like you are getting the right product. This is the store to come to"
  • "They want to make their customers like family, they would do anything for their customers to make things right"
  • "It's crazy to me how much she can accomplish and how much she knows"
  • "When I bought my appliances from Faith & Gerry, no word of a lie 100% satisified. I have never seens appliances work so well"
  • "Not only would we recommend them to family & friends but we recommended them to our developer as well"
  • "They really believe in customer serivce and they believe in knowledge when speaking to customers"