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Electric & Gas Stoves and Ranges In Edmonton

You know today's kitchen ranges excel at the cooking basics but you may be daunted by the multitude of choices available in the latest models. There's no reason to be overwhelmed, as our experienced staff can walk you through all your options, step-by-step, so that your new or newly renovated Edmonton kitchen shines with the best, most technologically advanced stove while reflecting your personal style throughout. Let's get cooking with the possibilities.

Premium Dual Fuel, Induction or Smoothtop Electric & Gas Ranges

Homemakers are no longer confined to a single classic unit for their kitchen ranges & stoves. Ask yourself what fuel source best suits your cooking style. Is one design more suitable for you than the other? It is truly a personal preference as to what you choose to use.

A Range of Options

Letting your personal style shine is easy with the choice of exteriors available for kitchen ranges -- cast iron, glass and porcelain enamel as well as the more conventional finishes of black, white or stainless steel. The placement of your new range will dictate whether you need the sides finished or unfinished.

Diverse Options for Ranges & Stoves

Only you can decide if the easy clean of a ceramic cooktop is better for you than gas or electric eyes, or whether a feisty color best expresses your personality and will be more inviting for your guests. We would love to help you select the options that will influence your everyday life as well as your entertainment style for years to come.