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Kamado Joe Barbecues

When it comes to stocking your outdoor kitchen, Kamado Joe appliances are the ones Edmonton homeowners love. These ceramic grills are crafted with passion and innovation, offering customers elegance at an affordable price. They are also designed to perform well and last much longer than the competition.

Kamado Joe grills feature a stainless-steel cooking grate for easy cleaning and a separate fire basket stand for increased safety. Other safety features include a heat deflector, HDPE handle, and cast-iron dome vent. All of these aspects work together to offer homeowners superior quality. The company is constantly looking for new and better materials as well, to be sure that customers are consistently offered the very best that the market has to offer.

Kamado Joe appliances are designed to provide homeowners with more than just a grill. The goal is to give you an experience. Outdoor cooking is a great way to feel connected with nature, to entertain friends and family, and to make delicious meals over a charcoal fire. Each grill is made to ensure you thoroughly enjoy using it each time you open the lid.

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