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Dishwashers for your Edmonton Home & Kitchen

At the top of the thankless jobs list is the lowly dishwashing, which, thankfully, can be done now by high tech dishwashers that free us for productive or fun activities. Because there is a great difference in brands, Avenue Appliance in Edmonton has selected the European brands of Asko, Blomberg, Bosch and Miele dishwashers to serve our customers' needs.

European Design

Two of the main reasons we feel European design is superior are the quiet operation and extra room that allows more place settings to be washed with one load. Pre-rinsing is not required, and the highly efficient machines heat their own water for exacting temperature control that delivers more sanitary dishes for your next meal. The European machines also include more than two racks to allow you to wash more dishes and cutlery at one time. Some dishwashers feature built-in water softeners that stop deposits from forming on items you use for your food.

European-designed dishwashers provide a condensing drying system that does not require a heating element.

Varying Outer Appearances

You place great value in the appearance of your kitchen, and we appreciate that. You demand not just a high-performance dishwasher but an attractive one that fits with your style. The professional staff at Avenue Appliance, in Edmonton, works with you to create a space perfect for your needs. Our dishwashers come in the usual white, black and stainless steel, but many also allow you to hide the dishwasher with a cabinet front that matches the rest of your kitchen. Even the control panel can be hidden, but it can also be left exposed for your convenience. It's your choice.

Great Kitchen Ideas With European Technology

Avenue Appliance, Edmonton, provides a great selection of the finest quality European dishwashers in the Asko, Blomberg, Bosch and Miele brands.