Treat Yourself to a New Bosch Dishwasher

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 18th Nov 2015

Bosch Dishwashers at Avenue Appliance in Edmonton

When you live a busy Edmonton lifestyle, the last thing you need is to revert back to hand-washing your dishes when your dishwasher decides it has given up. No longer the luxury items they were once considered, dishwashers have become a staple in kitchen appliances due to the time they add back to your day. Instead of resorting to full-blown panic, secretly rejoice needing a new dishwasher as you check out the great features Bosch has packed into their powerful lineup.

The Sound of Silence

Life is noisy enough that you don't need a cacophony added to the mix when trying to clean your dishes. Bosch has greatly reduced the noise levels in many of its models so much that you may not even realize your dishwasher is working away while you're busy with other things. To make sure you know it's operating just fine, they've included a handy indicator light so you don't have to open the door.

Bits and Pieces

How many times have you thought life would be so much better if only there was a proper place for bits and pieces like soup ladles, ramekins and measuring cups? Those awkward bits take up a lot of room that could be used for other things that you may have had to hand wash. Bosch has found you up to 30 percent more room by adding a third tray to some of their models that is adjustable and perfectly accommodates all those annoying bits and pieces.

Quality Counts

Bosch kitchen appliances undergo rigorous testing to make sure they can withstand the pressure of keeping up with a busy family. In development, 100 engineers are applying strict German engineering standards to create the best possible designs. Before any dishwasher leaves the factory to be sold, 485 tests have to be passed first. That may seem excessive, but there's a reason Bosch has won awards for best in test results and fewer repairs than any other manufacturer, and many others. This is all very important if you want to avoid another breakdown.

Avenue Appliances invites you to contact us to learn more or stop in and see Bosch's innovative dishwashers for yourself in our live kitchen appliance displays right here in Edmonton. We look forward to helping you find your next dishwasher.