Blowing Off Some Steam: Bosch Steam Ovens

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 22nd Jun 2016

If you are currently cooking in a regular oven, basting turkeys endlessly to keep them moist or switching out cupcake tins so you don't get half of each turning out flat, have we got some great news for you! If it has been a while since you've checked out the latest in wall ovens for your Edmonton home, you're about to be blown away. Allow us to introduce Bosch steam convection ovens- you'll be blowing off some steam in no time!

The Best of Both Worlds

It's well-known that steaming your veggies helps lock in their valuable nutrients and preserve their vibrant colours. Steam cooking is also popular for healthy dishes including some poultry and fish since it is a low fat method of cooking. In fact, the only downside to cooking with steam is that it can't produce that beautiful colour and taste of a good sear. Surely your family would never forgive you for serving up a steamed, pale turkey for Thanksgiving! This is where the convection portion of the Bosch wall ovens come in! You truly get the best of both worlds in cooking with a combination of steam and convection cooking.

Steam for Health, Flavour and Moisture

Since you don't have to add extra fats to keep foods moist while cooking, steam is an ultra-healthy way to cook your foods. At first glance, you might think you're limited to what can be cooked this way but steam is actually highly versatile. Serving a tough, dry roast will be a thing of the past, but you can also do proofing of your own breads, bagels and more, then cook them through for excellent results you just can't duplicate with a regular oven.

Another added benefit to steam is reheating leftovers. Do you get the big groan from your Edmonton family when leftover night is announced? With these wall ovens they won't even know unless you tell them! The food stays moist, retains its colour and shape and best of all, you don't get the random heating of microwaves.

Convection for Searing, Even Cooking and Speed

The convection portion of your Bosch steam convection wall oven quickly sears the outside of turkey, chicken, ribs and more to create that beautiful look everyone counts on while sealing in the juices for maximum flavour and moisture. With the fan system circulating the air inside the oven, you get quick, even heating that eliminates the cupcake or cookie sheet shuffle.

Wall ovens have come a long way and we can't wait to show you the incredible features in the Bosch steam convection oven. Designed to fit perfectly above a warming or storage drawer and align exactly with a speed oven, it's a perfect addition to your Edmonton kitchen. Stop by the showroom or contact our Avenue Appliance team to learn how blowing off some steam can help you cook healthier, faster and more delicious food for your family.