Bosch Laundry

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 23rd Feb 2015

Bosch laundry machines offer German Engineered quality with a modern sleek design for laundry appliances that will fit anywhere in your home.  Combining simple installation with their compact form, Bosch gives you the flexibility to place the washer in the area that’s most convenient for your home. You can install your laundry appliances stacked, side by side on 16” pedestals, in a closet or under a counter.  Bosch saves you costs on installation.   No additional power cord is needed.  No additional plugs are needed.  The washer plugs into the dryer which only requires one outlet.  Condensation drying provides the flexibility of installation options without installing ducting.  No leak risk with the AquaStop and Aqua Shield water leak protection system which can save you from potential floor damage.

Bosch Washers and Dryers at Avenue Appliance in EdmontonDirty to dry in 30 minutes.  If you have a small, lightly soiled load, such as 5 dress shirts, Bosch offers a 15 minute wash and a 15 minute dry cycle.  The fastest combined wash and dry time in the laundry industry.  

Large capacity.  Even with a small footprint, the Bosch washer features a larger capacity and holds more than most.  At 2.16 cubic feet the units have the capability to wash and dry 18 large bath towels.  A large viewing window and lightweight door make loading and unloading a snap.

Raindrop structured drum.  Bosch washers feature an innovative raindrop drum pattern that delivers a tailored solution for all fabric types, for powerful cleaning that protects your clothes.  Depending on the cycle, the washer adjusts the direction of the drum rotation, using the steeper edges for heavy duty or shallow edges for delicate fabrics that require gentler care.

Quiet Operation.  The Anti-Vibration system encompasses 3D sensors in Bosch washers that monitor the load weight and movement of the drum in t three dimensions to eliminate imbalances.  Additionally, the circular tub design reinforces the structure of the sidewall ad increases the stability of the washer.  This structure combined with enhanced insulation regulate noise levels and reduce vibration up to 30%, making Bosch washers very quiet throughout the entire cycle.

AquaStop & AquaShield.  The AquaShield System consists of a special double walled feed hose and safety valve which provides protection against water damage.  The AquaStop System consists of the AquaShield double-walled feed hose, a safety valve and a floor tank with float switch to provide extensive protection against water damage.

ENERGY STAR compliant.  All Bosch compact washers are ultra-efficient.  They exceed ENERGY STAR requirements by up to 20%.

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