Your Guide to Buying a Thermador Refrigerator

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 1st Jan 2024

Your Guide to Buying a Thermador Refrigerator

How do you start the New Year off right? With a nod to cool temperatures that will keep you and your loved ones "chill" throughout the year! It's time to put last year's memories on ice as you begin new memories with high-quality appliance additions!

Thermador refrigerators help you preserve moments and delicious ingredients with advanced tech. You can keep tasty treats fresh in your mind with a refrigeration system that benefits your future in delicious new ways! Visit Avenue Appliance to learn more.

Your Vision for the New Year

Do you love to customize your kitchen? What about the inside of your fridge? Thermador refrigerators take your kitchen to the next level by providing options that allow you to customize the exterior facade of your creative space and the interior! How? By offering you the ability to design your Thermador refrigerator to suit your needs with:

  • Bins
  • Shelving
  • Numerous configurations at your fingertips

Not only do luxury appliances allow you to organize your space for large or small items to fit seamlessly, but Thermador refrigerators also offers aesthetic appeal by adding the perfect amount of backdrop lighting. When the spotlight is on fresh ingredients, you'll always have the ideal stage for your cooking performance!

Your Guide to Buying a Thermador Refrigerator 2

Tech Savvy Savings

Is it time to get smart? Of course! When is it not? Wise chefs understand the need to improve efficiency and the environment with Thermador refrigerators. Innovative features incorporated into luxury appliances mean having access to:

  • Fast-cool voice activated
  • Temperature changes from your Smart Device
  • Humidity variations from wherever they are (at home or out of town)
  • Many other controls can help manage your food's freshness and electric bill!

When you are out and about enjoying time with family and friends, or a much-needed vacation, you can keep the controls in your hands! With Thermador refrigerators, temperature management, low electric use, and more are a touch away! So if you want to take a few days extra to rest and relax, you don't have to worry about wasting food with your Thermador! The swipe of a finger and your cooling system is following orders from afar!

New Advances Mean More Quality Management

After waving goodbye to last year's outdated appliances, Thermador appliances can help you say hello to a higher quality of living with features like the following:

  • Super cool Quick Chill feature that has food items cooling in a hurry
  • Finer filters with an Automatic Ice Maker, say yes to fresh!
  • ThermaFresh features removable mats made of stainless steel, making your refrigerator less messy and easier to clean. It's a win, win!
  • And more!

Should old acquaintances be forgotten and appliances too, as the year turns over a new day? If they aren't adding value to your quality of life, maybe! How can you ring in the New Year and keep your life and kitchen creative time fresh, and inspiring? Thermador refrigerators turn the cool (or down) to fuel your chef's talented heart!

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Saying Hello To Luxury First

Have you resolved to better your life and those around you? Thermador refrigerators, fresh ingredients, Smart control features, and numerous customization options can help you enter the New Year with a brighter outlook and better goals! Make your New Year's resolution a luxury appliance list to remember! You can keep your friends and family happy and healthy with an appliance that makes luxury living easy and healthy eating easier. Visit Avenue Appliance today and discover a fresher outlook on life!