There’s More Than Meets the Eye with Thermador Ranges Iconic Star Burner

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 23rd May 2023

There’s More Than Meets the Eye with Thermador Ranges Iconic Star Burner

Is it time to broaden your horizons? How about your stove burner's heat distribution? If you are seeking to ensure all your dishes receive an even cook, Thermador ranges have a burner design that accomplishes that and more! Let's spotlight a precision feature that can make any home or professional chef a star in their kitchen. Catch a glimpse of this unique design at Avenue Appliance!

Standout Ranges Become the Star Attraction

Thermador ranges are determined to sear their brand into your mind's eye with a burner design that will tempt you to take a second and third look! The Star Burner design featured on some Thermador ranges does a few things to keep your chef game at a high level. Here are some ways Star Burners grab the attention of Foodie Paparazzi!

  • By spreading cooking flames more evenly than circle-shaped burners
  • By increasing the boiling and searing potential
  • Allowing easy access for cleaning under and around Star-shaped burners

It's thrilling to see the advancement in cooking technology that can share the stage with you in the kitchen. Avenue Appliance gives you access to high-quality Thermador ranges with burners that not only steal the show but efficiently make your chef skills the main attraction.

Shaped to Perfection

You can be a gourmet chef in your own kitchen with features that embrace technology and science. Star burners mean more coverage and contact with your pan-seared offerings. An even cook allows textures and nuances of flavour to permeate your dish. No matter the size of the pan or pot on your burner, with a star cast of burners, you'll have a quality meal prepared that everyone will enjoy.

Embracing the Need for Speed

Star burners can bring things to a boiling point (when needed). For romantic dinners or fun social gatherings, your ideal burners speed up the boiling process so you can engage without breaking a sweat to get the desired result. Want to achieve a quick sear to add some texture? Star burners utilize 22,000 BTUs to keep cooking quick and easy.

How to Keep it Clean and Classy

Have you ever faced a dirty range top with trepidation in your eyes? If you have experienced the dread when dinner party is over due to the with the intense cleaning duty, fret not! Star burners leave you free to mingle. Their raised ceramic maintop and pedestal perch make for easy cleaning.

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