There’s a New Generation of Miele Ovens & Steam Ovens to Love!

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 23rd May 2023

There’s a New Generation of Miele Ovens & Steam Ovens to Love!

Home and professional chefs have their hearts set on the newest and best kitchen appliance assistants. If you love to play with your food's textures and tenderness, Miele ovens & steam ovens are waiting for your finesse! With high-quality Miele at your fingertips, you can create an atmosphere that will cause family and friends to fall in love with food again! Visit us today to see all the new models Miele has to offer.

Taking Tastebuds to New Heights!

Miele ovens & steam ovens create a legacy for generations to come. How can you bring your loved ones into the future without food tech that advances high-profile flavours for a modern taste palate? Miele steam ovens offer features like:

  • Miele@home tech to get a headstart on delicious offerings for special guests
  • SoftClose and motorized lift-up controls
  • DirectWater plus feature to keep it fresh and steamy and water flowing
  • FlexiClip runners to stay safe while you coax delicious flavours

While advanced cooking technology offered by Miele to aspiring chefs brings its benefits to mealtime and memorable moments, it also caters to those younger eyes who yearn to break out onto the culinary scene! Miele ovens & steam ovens coax the most tech-savant in the group to try their hand at becoming a delicious dish expert. If you want to impress guests and family members, Miele steam options presses and cajoles the most distinguished taste testers!

The Details on the Miele Treats

Owners of Miele steam ovens stay connected with Miele@home networking. For low-stress cooking and high rewards, Miele's networking capabilities keep cooking mishaps under control! Your Smart device and Miele app make the chef's life easier by turning up the heat when you say the word or halting the process when you find out (a little late) the recipe calls for less steam time and more open air!

Finger-touch controls keep cooks on point without disturbing the steam process. SoftClose and motorized lifts on your Miele steam oven reveal a control panel with instant access to the following:

  • Water container
  • Condensate container
  • Wireless food probe

You don't have to pause the cooking process because no appliance door access is needed!

The DirectWater plus feature ensures you don't have to refill or drain the water container for the steam process. Automatic and very convenient, Miele ovens & steam ovens help you stay connected to a water source without having to lift a finger to "direct" it!

Too many burnt fingers from even the most conscientious chef have driven innovation in the luxury oven industry. With FlexiClip runners, telescopic runners help you decide how close you get to the heat! You can baste or turn your protein with the best chefs in the business without burning your fingers or your dish!

Your Best Miele Ever

Miele ovens & steam ovens can flavour your kitchen with technique and advanced tech to keep your tastebuds and your favourite people engaged! Visit Avenue Appliance today and find out what's next on the menu with quality appliances available at the touch of a button!