Rethink Refrigeration with the 500 Series & 800 Series from Bosch

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 23rd May 2023

Rethink Refrigeration with the 500 Series & 800 Series from Bosch

Revamping Your Opinion on Refrigeration

The quintessential kitchen companion may give you the proverbial cold shoulder, but it won't leave a bad taste in your mouth! Bosch refrigerators can keep your kitchen chill while elevating the preservation of a chef's go-to ingredients! How? With intelligent design and tech features that treat chefs to freshness and convenience! Now that the 500 and 800 series Bosch refrigerators are accessible to you, you are that much closer to creating your James Beard Award-worthy dish! Visit us today to learn more.

Chilled but Not Frostbitten

What is it about Bosch refrigerators that make them so appealing to experienced chefs? To answer that, you only have to look at the list of attributes they share! The 500 and 800 series have kitchen credentials that keep them atop every chef's wish list. For example, they both:

  • Utilize the AirFresh Filter
  • Filter fresh water and ice via the UltraClarity Pro
  • Employ the MultiAirFlow feature
  • Provide access from anywhere via HomeConnect
  • Have true counter depth

Details, Please

What do all these features mean? Here's a quick summary:

AirFresh Filter

This feature keeps odors away by absorbing the sticky, stale scents that try to permeate and mar your prime ingredients.

UltraClarity Pro

Bosch refrigerators utilize this high-quality filter to stop 99.9% of sediments from infiltrating your water.


The MultiAirFlow system is paramount to ensuring your produce, dairy, and meat products stay at temperature. It circulates chilled air throughout the interior.


HomeConnect is an app that puts control and peace of mind within reach. You gain instant access to light controls, temperature controls, and complete diagnostics on your refrigeration system to ensure that your host skills are up to par as your entrees stay ready to serve!

True counter-depth

Do you like creating a seamless flow throughout your home? The 500 and 800 series Bosch refrigerators are freestanding options that keep things flush, and hinges hidden! Stylistically they can appeal to the minimalist and the profligate alike!

High-Quality in Their Differences

While Bosch refrigerators produce consistent results, this by no means signifies that each Bosch series is the same. Every option features unique characteristics that create appliances customized to a chef's individual needs. What do we mean? Let's compare!

The 500 Series Features:

  • Hands-free BottleFill
  • QuickIcePro System
  • Easy Clean Stainless Steel Exterior

The 800 Series Features:

  • Adjustable FlexBar
  • VitaFreshPro Drawer
  • LED lighting and a Three-Tiered freezer drawer

Bosch refrigeratoroptions share many similar characteristics, but their differences also play a positive role in keeping kitchen appliances customizable to their users' needs.

Who Can Choose?

No matter what series you choose, the facts are in! Chefs everywhere can benefit from high-quality appliances that turn any kitchen into an environment where efficiency and excellence are commonplace and the food's not bad either! Want to discover more about how you can benefit from choosing your ideal Bosch refrigerator? Contact Avenue Appliance today and find out what it takes to stay chill when the kitchen gets a little overheated!