New Steam Oven from Miele Appliances

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 1st Aug 2017

Miele Appliances Edmonton

Do you like eating healthy meals? If so, you will be interested in how the new steam oven introduced to our Edmonton customers by Miele Appliances can make those meals easier to prepare and more healthful for your family and guests. 

Fortunately, you have only to learn how the oven operates; you don’t have to re-learn your cooking techniques. The new, shorter 24-inch oven-cooktop combination is “the perfect solution for efficient spaces,” according to the Miele website, so you can add one anywhere.

Miele’s Multi-Level Oven Can Cook Entire Menu

You already know that steaming food means more nutrients remain. Miele Appliances has perfected a way for all your Edmonton food to be prepared in this beneficial way by creating a space-efficient, three-level steam oven in order to cook more food at one time. Miele also features computerized, easy-to-read controls so you can program different cooking times. When you and your oven plan your entire menu, your oven reminds you when to insert the next item.

If you’re concerned that cooking flavourful foods together means the aromas will mingle, don’t be. That’s an advantages of cooking with steam -- the flavour remains in the individual dishes and doesn’t transfer.

Ways Your Miele Appliances Steam Oven Can Make Your Edmonton Life Better

In addition to basic meal preparation, Miele Appliances has designed its steam ovens to perform functions in your Edmonton kitchen that you might not expect.

For instance, your Miele Steam Oven can:

  • Make yogurt,
  • Disinfect baby bottles,
  • Blanch fruits and vegetables in preparation for freezing and bottling,
  • Sterilize bottling jars to preserve fruits and vegetables, Skin tomatoes, nectarines, almonds etc.,
  • Melt chocolate,
  • Defrost frozen foods (and much more).

The latest Miele Appliances steam oven is beautifully crafted so it can integrate seamlessly into any Edmonton décor. In addition, the steam is generated outside the oven so dishes heat more quickly and evenly and no limescale builds up in the oven for you to clean. One quick swipe to remove the condensation and clean-up is done.

If you’ve been thinking about creating more healthful food, now is the perfect time to stop by Avenue Appliance and choose from our Miele Appliances for your Edmonton home.