New from Bosch Refrigeration – 36” Fridges

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 16th Nov 2020

How innovative can refrigeration systems be? As Bosch 36" fridges show, innovation knows no limitations! Bosch refrigeration is introducing new features and cool designs into their high-quality appliance solutions. What innovations will make the heart of the home functional for you? How does Bosch meet your individual needs?

Bosch 36" fridges are addressing these questions with confidence. Their designs work with your lifestyle so that you can have the quality of life you crave.  Contact us to learn more.

Easy with Economical Ingenuity

Bosch 36" fridges are blazing new trails in the Bosch refrigeration family. They are introducing features that:

  • Increase interior capacity
  • Enlarging storage bins
  • Introducing space utilization features that utilize unused areas in your fridge
  • Employ a food preservation system to keep things fresh, and your cooking plans on track.
  • Keep stale odors out and fresh smells in
  • Keep bacteria-growing humidity from polluting your foods.
  • Chill full-sized platters for easy serving
  • Regulate temperatures to keep food cold when the door is open
  • Defrost the interior of the Bosch refrigeration system you own so you don't have to
  • Light up your appliance without wasting excess energy
  • Bosch 36" fridges keep working diligently to regulate and promote freshness so you can focus on other tasks

Lifetime Lighting

It's time to keep it light with LED lighting. Bosch refrigeration is bringing their 36" fridges into the 21st century. Not only are the interiors lit up, but their high-quality freezer drawers are also! You'll save on electricity, and the lighting can last a lifetime! 


You don't need to go through the tiresome task of defrosting your refrigerator with NoFrost from Bosch. The NoFrost systems funnels condensation-creating humidity outside of your Bosch 36" fridge after collecting it in a chiller unit. The moisture evaporates as it escapes. 

Notified for Savings

Bosch refrigeration gives you the ability to receive notifications if your fridge door is accidentally left open. With smart technology, you can have the assurance that only comes from having options that put you in control when life gets chaotic. 

Keeping it Cool

The Bosch line of 36" fridges also features SuperFreezing functions. SuperFreezing fromBosch refrigeration freezes your food speedily and keeps other foods in your freezer space safe from defrosting. This feature takes energy-saving even further by adjusting the temperature from Superfreeze to the normal freeze temperature after the interior has reached the necessary temp. 

New Tech Means the Best Features

Once you've tried Bosch refrigeration appliances, you'll appreciate their interior design and inventive answers to economize your kitchen experience. The Home Connect app in Bosch 36" fridges allow you to:

  • Monitor your refrigeration system via remote control
  • Control the temperature 
  • Adjust the lighting
  • And run diagnostics

The smartest Bosch refrigeration solution saves you time, worry, and provides convenience for your day-to-day interactions. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it makes sense to equip it with a dependable, working pulse to keep your nourishments fresh, your hands-free, and your quality of life at an all-time high! Visit Avenue Appliance to learn more about all of Bosch’s quality appliances.