Monolith Liebherr Refrigeration: Monumental Advances in Cooling Technology

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 15th Jul 2020

Monolith Liebherr Refrigeration: Monumental Advances in Cooling Technology

The Liebherr name is synonymous with class and excellence. As the largest privately owned manufacturer in Europe the brand produces over two million units each year, all engineered and built to be the best throughout the world. Liebherr refrigeration is constantly evolving, introducing a new advancement in cooling technology. Monolith is the next generation for keeping food fresh in homes, and it is now here. This product has been more than 60 years in the making, with a classic design with innovation and outstanding quality to match. Contact us to learn more.

Premium Products

German made Liebherr refrigeration always uses the highest-quality materials and ground-breaking technology. It is a world leader for many reasons, including design flexibility and advanced food preservation systems. The brand continuously researches and develops products to match and exceed your needs.

Super Technologies

The SuperFrost and SuperCool technologies are essential to help preserve your food as long as possible. You can quick-freeze or quick-chill your just-purchased groceries so that they stay fresher for longer, locking in flavours as well as nutrients. Once all of the food is at the best temperature possible, the product reverts back to its time-controlled temp, saving you energy and money.

BioFresh Bins

Liebherr refrigeration features innovative BioFresh bins that store your foods at optimum conditions to keep them fresh and preserve their nutritional value for as long as possible. BioFresh technology combines with Liebherr’s HydroSafe and DrySafe systems to control humidity as well as temperature to extend the freshness of your food by days to weeks.

Flexible Designs

The Liebherr Monolith designed with flexibility in mind, both inside and outside. Inside, it is equipped with the FlexSystem, which is a flexible organizational system to separate and sort items within the BioFresh bins. Outside, the Monolith is available in several fridge and freezer combinations to best fit your kitchen, including a never-before-seen triple door configuration.

Only the Best for You

Your kitchen deserves top of the line appliances. With its unprecedented food preservation technology and stunning design to fit any space, The Monolith from Liebherr Refrigeration is the perfect addition to your home kitchen. Visit us today to pick out the right combination for your space!