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Posted by Avenue Appliance on 21st Sep 2015

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Lately every product and service is designed for “You.” Or designed for you to design. One size fits all just doesn’t cut it anymore because technology has made it easy to get exactly what you want, when you want it. Want your coffee with skim? You got it. How about a custom made lunch bag? There are thousands of sellers! Your phone, your facebook page, and your car are all very customizable and personalized.


So it’s probably no surprise that appliance manufacturers are offering custom colours and configurations of their wares. ( Check out the appliance brands we carry here.) Liebherr recently ran a contest where people submitted designs for “fridge skins.” Basically stickers that wrap around your fridge. (See 20 of the submissions here.) People voted for the designs they liked best and now some of them are available for you to customize your fridge with!


This September, a leader in the appliance industry, BlueStar, announced ( via press release) that it’s high-performance ranges can now come in one of 750 (!!!) colour choices and finish options. Colour the hood, the knobs, or the entire range if you want! Want to try it out? They have a web tool that allows you to “Build Your Own BlueStar.” You can pick colours and the amount and placement of burners. You even have classy trim and door options. Here’s the link


Another great innovator, AGA, offers the Legacy 36” Dual Fuel Range. This extraordinary range has seven different cooking modes so you can tailor the way you want to cook. Convection or fan? Why not both? How about base heat mode? It’s totally up to you.


We can’t have a blog about appliance innovation without mentioning one of the greatest innovators in appliances. The German company that claims to have invented the very first dishwasher in 1929: Miele. They took a page from the cell phone technology book and created smart, connected appliances! The Miele + Microsoft collaboration begat fridges that email you when the door has been left open and dryers that let you know when your clothes are dry. You can turn appliances on and off (and much, much more) from your phone with their InfoControl Plus app.

Did you know that electricity prices fluctuate depending on the time of day? Miele washers know when the prices are lowest and will start at those times! You can read the article here.

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