Liebherr Appliances Built-in vs Fully Integrated Refrigeration

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 1st Sep 2017

Liebherr Appliances Edmonton

What fun! You are creating a new kitchen, a welcoming new hub for your home. Installing Liebherr Appliances in your Edmonton home provides the option of stand-alones, built-ins or a fully integrated space. Your kitchen can be all you’ve ever dreamed a kitchen can be.

During the design process, why not stop by Avenue Appliance Store for a hands-on exploration of the benefits of Liebherr Appliances in your Edmonton kitchen? You can arm yourself with the knowledge of Liebherr’s innovative BioFresh interiors as well as the exterior design options available.

Do You Fully Integrate Your Refrigeration?

With the outstanding design possibilities Liebherr Appliances offers for your Edmonton home, you have the option of fully integrating your refrigeration if you decide that is what best matches your lifestyle.


  • Home Size:  In smaller homes, completely hiding your appliances from view allows you more flexibility with the room’s usage. You keep the utilitarian appliances out of sight and create a cozier feel.

  • Kitchen Location:  Another consideration for a fully integrated kitchen is its location. Will the appliances be visible from other rooms of the home? If so, integrate! Or at least build-in the various units to eliminate the distraction of stainless steel appliances intruding into other parts of your home.

  • Your Feelings:  Are you a chef — happiest when you’re whipping up a memorable dinner or celebration dessert? Then don’t integrate. Aren’t you joyful with the instruments of your art readily at hand? If, however, you cook only to stay alive, then integrating your Liebherr Appliances into your Edmonton kitchen so that not even a hinge shows is probably the perfect solution for your personal state of mind.

A Combo Edmonton Kitchen With Liebherr Appliances Is Middle Ground

Of course, there is always the happy medium of modern kitchen design. You can choose the combination option of integrating your refrigeration units and dishwasher but keeping your stovetop and ovens open for more convenient usage. You might consider locating the burners and ovens in an area of the kitchen that is not visible from your other rooms. Win-win.

Visit the friendly staff at Avenue Appliance to familiarize yourself with the ultra refrigeration of Liebherr Appliances and the design advantages they offer for your new Edmonton kitchen.