A Large Capacity Washer Makes Big Changes to Laundry

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 28th Oct 2015

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Laundry is one of those household chores that never seems to be finished. Before the last load is dried and put away, the family has changed into nightwear and more of the seemingly endless piles of clothes are taunting you. How about your bulky blankets and heavy winter coats? Schlepping them to the laundromat is definitely not fun and who knows what's been in those laundry combos last? Your life is about to take a whole new turn-- enter the large capacity washer.

How Large is Large in a Washing Machine?

To give you an idea of just how much the latest laundry combos are going to change your life, consider what we knew as large capacity until now- roughly 5 kgs, give or take a few grams. Brace yourself. The new large is triple that size- a whopping 15 kgs or more! Imagine the possibilities with a washing machine that size.

Revolutionize your Laundry Life

Just imagine what you could do with all that free time if you were suddenly able to reduce you number of laundry loads by three times! All that free time notwithstanding, if you have a considerable amount of laundry regularly in your home, you can also realize significant savings over time. If you are able to load up your washer with one load, rather than two or three smaller ones, you'll save on electricity, water and laundry soap in the long run. Provided you aren't overloading your laundry sets, running them less frequently will also prolong their life. You could use those savings during some of that extra time you've gained!

Cleaner is Better

Though you might be reducing the time and money spent on laundry with large capacity washer and dryer sets, you won't be sacrificing clean clothes. Technology has greatly improved cleaning power in washing machines and the top brands are including them in the super-sized washers so you can load them up with confidence.

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