Keep Your Home Fur Free with Pet Vacuums from Miele

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 23rd May 2023

Keep Your Home Fur Free with Pet Vacuums from Miele

Have Furballs Got You Down?

Pets can be wonderful additions to the family, and at the same time add some heavy doses of responsibility. If you've ever felt overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning up after your all paws member of the family, Miele vacuums can ease your burden. Pet vacuums keep your needs in mind as you strive to clean house and cuddle with your furry pal. Stop by and ask for a demo today!

Sniffing Out the Details

Fur begone! Before you cry foul, we aren't talking about giving any luscious locks a close shave! Instead, Miele vacuums have found ways to eliminate playful pet odors and flyaway fur with tech that is made especially for pet lovers everywhere! How do they do it? What makes Miele vacuums the more obvious choice for people with pets? Here are some of the problem-solving features they include in their canister cleaning appliances:

  • Super suction (around 1,200W)
  • Electrobrush to collect elusive fur
  • Charcoal filters that eliminate odors
  • Foot control options
  • Accessories that help (not hinder)

For seasoned veterans to pet ownership, you know that pet fur clings to everything! It can be a study in willpower not to get frustrated when you find fur where it has no business being! With Miele vacuums, you get a helper to reach the places you can't. Crevices, upholstery, and dusty floorboards are no match for the power and the pointed approach Miele vacuums have. How do they compete with your exuberant pup or kitten's frolicking path? When you need an extra arm/reach, canister vacuums can be the solution. It's all about accessorizing!

Convenience Through Canister Cleaning Appliances

Owning a pet can be a joy. But it can also be a strain on your body or your cleaning habits. You can clean up in comfort with Miele vacuums that accommodate your needs with:

  • Comfort handles
  • Comfort cable rewinds
  • Practicality in design
  • Select vacuum options with auto shut off

Get Cleaning Today!

You should be able to enjoy the company of your favourite furball without strenuous clean-up sessions. Miele vacuums allow you to feel the love without the stress, as you play hard and work less! Visit us today to see the different models we offer and learn more about why we love Miele!