Introducing the Wine Connoisseur’s Best Friend – Wine Cellars from Liebherr Refrigeration

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 17th Aug 2020

Wine Cellars from Liebherr Refrigeration

Is it the aroma, savoury taste that lingers on your tongue, or the energy that comes afterwards, that made you fall in love with wine? For wine aficionados, it is for all those reasons plus the tradition, history, and story that comes with each bottle of wine.  

A fine wine experience begins long before the bottle is opened. How you store wine plays a significant role in preserving its rich taste and aroma. Whereas your refrigerator may serve you well for chilling a bottle ahead of the evening dinner party, it is not suitable for long term storage.

This is where Liebherr Refrigeration comes to your rescue. From their experience in making refrigerators, Liebherr developed wine cellars that ensure your wine is stored in the ideal conditions. Visit Avenue Appliance to chat with one of our appliance experts to learn about the Liebherr Triple Trio-72!

Why Liebherr Refrigeration Is Ideal for Wine Storage

For wine to mature well, it should be stored in ideal conditions that must be maintained at a stable level. Since refrigerators are used to store a wide range of foods, maintaining the ideal conditions for wine storage is near impossible. Liebherr Refrigeration’s wine cellars are ideal for wine storage as they offer all the necessary conditions for storing wine.

These include:

  • Stable Temperature

Variations in temperature are one of the biggest challenges in long term wine storage. The perfect temperature range for storing wine is between 5°C and 20°C. Wine cellars from Liebherr Refrigeration allow you to maintain stable temperatures within that range.

  • Air Quality

Air quality is another factor that ensures wine matures well and can be preserved longer. Poor air quality can also cause damage to the labels and corks as it encourages the growth of mold. Liebherr’s wine cellars come with a charcoal air filter that ensures the air quality is ideal. Also, the natural beech wood shelving ensures that no other chemicals that can affect the maturation of wine can be introduced into the cellar.

  • Humidity

When it comes to wine cellar design, humidity control is a critical feature. Ideally, wine should be stored at humidity levels of 50% to 80% depending on relative humidity. When humidity levels are too high, the labels will get damaged, and mold may begin growing. On the other hand, when humidity levels are too low, the corks can begin drying, which can result in loss of precious wine, and oxidization.

When wine is oxidized, it begins degrading and can become spoiled. With Liebherr Refrigeration wine cellars, you will be able to maintain ideal humidity levels, thus ensure your wine continues to become more aromatic and flavorful.

  • UV Protection

Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun causes unwanted reactions in wine as well as discoloration of labels. While selecting Liebherr wine cellars, you will have the option of choosing ones with solid doors or those with tinted glass doors.

  • No Vibration

For wine to age gracefully, it requires minimum disturbances. It is for this reason Liebherr Refrigeration wine cellars come with compressors to absorb vibrations.

Savour Every Sip

Wine is as much of an experience as it is a drink. For the best experience, your wine must be stored under perfect conditions. This is something you can achieve with Liebherr Refrigeration. Visit us at Avenue Appliance for expert advice on selecting a wine cellar so that you can savour every sip.