Introducing the Triflex 3 in 1 Miele Vacuum

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 1st Mar 2021

 Triflex 3 in 1 Miele Vacuum

It's time to flex some mind muscles and try on Miele vacuums for size. With the TriFlex 3 in 1 Miele vacuum, the "three is better than one" saying is left standing tall under any scrutiny. Why? Miele vacuums by design cater to your needs so you can focus on more important things, like relaxing in a clean space! Visit us today to see a demo!

Features for Functionality

Designers of Miele vacuums have gone above and beyond to keep your comfort level high with the TriFlex 3 in 1! How do they do it? By creating a high-end vacuum that:

  • Has an attachable Power Unit to make cleaning large spaces easier (it even stands on its own when you want to put your feet up)
  • Can tackle ceiling dust or couch dust bunnies equally efficiently with a Power Unit that helps you stretch out
  • Goes compact (so sucking up cookie crumbs in the car is made simple)
  • Is versatile when charging for use with a movable power unit or has a detachable battery for charging if needed

Adaptability from Miele Vacuums

It's time to adapt to a newer way of cleaning. Miele vacuums are going custom! What does that mean for you? It means less achy muscles and more time spent daydreaming--of course! Many of us are not as flexible as the Triflex 3 in 1 vacuum, so Miele vacuums seek to compensate for our lack! Triflex's lightweight design and Power Unit attachability to the top or bottom of the unit ensure a thorough job without adding extra work to your already busy work docket!

Triflex 3 in 1 Miele Vacuums Talk Shop aka Convenience

What more can Miele Vacuums bring to your space? More convenience. The Triflex 3 in 1 has a dust container that features the Twist2open lid--so you can dump the dust in a few quick moves! No more bag replacements! 

To add to the convenience, Miele introduces the hanging bracket. Bulky vacuums only add clutter, with Miele vacuums seek to declutter in every way! Using a wall bracket--your Triflex vacuum can be off the floor and out of sight and mind until the next cleaning day rolls around! 

Cordless vacuums take the trip hazard out of your home! If you have busy pups, children (or a lazy foot), you know how hazardous cords can be for your peace of mind! Vacuums with awkward cords that dangle, twist, or tear can take away your power source and render a vacuum useless. The Triflex 3 in 1 uses a battery that adds even more convenience. You charge it, and your vacuum is ready to go to work for you! 

Miele Customizes your Cleaning Experience

If you love giving your home or vehicle a thorough clean, without the health hazards and muscle strain, Miele steps up to the challenge. The Triflex 3 in 1 Miele vacuum provides flexibility, customization, and a sense of satisfaction to its users. Once you've de-stressed with the Triflex, you'll never want to see another unwieldy vacuum again! Visit our store today to see the difference for yourself.