Introducing New Colour Collections for AGA Ranges!

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 23rd May 2023

Introducing New Colour Collections for AGA Ranges!How do you capture the attention of your guests without saying a word? Invite them to your kitchen! AGA's high-end ranges and multiple custom colour options make icebreakers a thing of the past! All you need is the perfect tone to engage your family and friends in a commentary that colours conversation with luxurious splashes of interest! You can get a fresh new look inside your creative space with an AGA range that models everything you love: class, character, and a splash of potential. Visit us today to learn more!

Soho is Never Just "So-so"

How do you let your artistic eye for the fine arts gleam within your kitchen? The Soho Colour selection makes shining simple. Your appreciation for the arts will stun with luxury appliances dressed in equally luscious colours, such as:

  • Slate
  • Cranberry
  • Carnaby Blue
  • Mineral Green
  • Salcombe Blue

With a colour-custom AGA range in your home, it's incredible how your aesthetic tastes can flourish under the adoration of a loved one's captivated gaze! Want to make a statement? There is nothing "so-so" when Soho colour schemes style your kitchen after the things you love! When luxury appliances and colour palettes are dressed to impress, the bold and beautiful in your creative space will never cease to amaze and inspire more creativity!

Cool, Classic, and Collected

The AGA's Range Classic Colour Collection can fill the contemporary and traditional tastes equally well. In hues that bring to mind decadent architecture and timeless facades that dot the landscape of the favourite places you love, AGA ranges in Classic tones have all the classic beauty and enduring qualities, classically trained and home chefs' thrill at equally. Does your colour profile draw you to colours of:

  • Indigo
  • Cornwall Green
  • Dover Mist
  • Essex Shade
  • Gloss Black

In elegant options that tell the story of eras gone by, you'd be surprised how easily your AGA range can complement your appreciation of old or new! The Classic AGA Colours collection can add that poignant hint of something special to establish your love of culture and creativity in one well-placed and tactful splash. It's difficult to grasp how important colour choices are to your vision of how art and delicious offerings can merge seamlessly into your home's landscape! How can you quantify the history behind quality appliances that embrace fashion and function with welcoming arms that draw people into your space with open abandon?

Detailing What's Your Favourite Dish

Do Soho shades sing to your inner art critique? Are classic hues the cup of tea you crave? With AGA's range of high-end appliances and custom colour options, you don't have to choose between function and art! Your quality range can delight both your sight and taste with equal pleasure! Visit Avenue Appliance today and discover how colours and flavours collide to form a dining experience you'll never forget, with splashes of refinement and memories that are always delicious.