How Blomberg Ranges Cater to Your Inner Chef

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 23rd May 2023

How Blomberg Ranges Cater to Your Inner Chef

Delving Into Your Delicatessen

Traditionally, the term delicatessen originated in Germany and referred to a place that offered fine and exotic foods. How would you like to create a delicatessen-style atmosphere in your kitchen? Aspiring chefs everywhere can achieve this by adopting the traditions of great chefs and investing in Blomberg ranges! Also originating in Germany, the Blomberg line of appliances has quality design in their heritage! Give your friends and family a glimpse of your inner chef while you embrace varying cultures and diversify your palate! Visit us today to check them out yourself.

What's Your Source of Happy?

What cooking method do you find most helpful when exploring the culinary world? Everyone has a preference. Whether you gravitate towards induction, gas, or electric, Blomberg has found a way to accommodate your preferences and broaden your horizons! Your kitchen space can become an outreach of sorts, drawing family and friends into a world with endless flavours, textures, and delights!

Blomberg ranges offer endless perks with features/styles to complement your cooking style. Here are a few of them:

  • Freestanding choices that fit in most standard 30” cabinet openings
  • Dual fuel, induction, gas or electric
  • Safety-conscious Cool Touch glass to keep curious fingers from injury
  • Extra-Large Cooking Zones (specific to the Electric and Dual-Fuel ranges)
  • Bold dials to turn on/up the heat and step up your kitchen performance
  • True European convection
  • Large oven capacity with 5.7 cu. ft. of cooking space
  • Bull nose lighting that illuminates controls
  • Programming that purloins all the attention from tech-appreciating friends and keeps chefs focused on prep, not cooking times

Cooking Simplified

Whether you need to proof your oven for making bread or have been "volunteered" to prepare turkey during holidays at home – Blomberg ranges keep it simple. Visit Avenue Appliance and reveal your inner chef to all!