Get the Best of Both Words with a BlueStar Dual Fuel Range

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 23rd May 2023

Get the Best of Both Words with a BlueStar Dual Fuel Range

What silences the warring sides of heating elements better than a compromise that pleases all involved? BlueStar ranges have found the answer to conflict is a duel solution. Or rather, a Dual Fuel range solution! You can avoid the battle of indecision when you find your perfect peacemaker comes with two heating element options. You don't have to choose between anymore because you get the best of both worlds. Visit us today to learn more.

The Beauty in Compromise

The BlueStar Dual Fuel range hosts several features that bring comfort and resolution to those who battle it out in the kitchens. You can avoid explosions and quibbles with a range that:

  • Controls every burner with technology that produces even heat and consistent results
  • Can slow cook at 500 BTUs to bring texture and crunch at 25,000 BTUs
  • Pleases the most precise chef with settings that fulfill a chef's fondest desire for varying cooking techniques and textures
  • Delights the most ambitious style gurus in the chef world with custom features that top over 1000 options to choose from!

You can end the war of all wars today with BlueStar ranges that cater to chefs on both sides of the fuel war! What better way to enable your inner chef to come out and fight for the delicious offerings you desire to provide than by engaging in a ceasefire with the only range that can stop the rumors and keep the peace? And allow you to experiment with numerous techniques to perfect your culinary resume.

Setting Up for Top Chef Cookoffs!

Do you want to test your skills on different heating mediums? With BlueStar ranges Dual Fuel line, there are multiple cooking modes incorporated to keep your skill level up to par. Your BlueStar Dual Fuel range offers settings such as:

  • Bake
  • Roast
  • Convect Bake
  • Convect Roast
  • Broil
  • Proof and Dehydrate
  • And more!

How do you choose which one you like the best? You don't have to! You can try every mode out with high-quality materials and professional-grade performance to see what works best for you. If you are intrigued by new recipes and tinkering with textures and heating mediums, the BlueStar Dual Range is the kitchen chef you need to assist you in your dreams of blazing new entrée frontiers!

A Thousand Plus Finishing Touches

Every chef has a particular vision for what their best dish should look like when it's time to present. The presentation can delight the eyes and coax a second or third look with an added flourish of cilantro or a delicate dollop of cream. Similarly, BlueStar ranges can invite an admiring glance or a sigh of satisfaction for chefs and their guests. With over 1000 colours and metal finishes available, your Blue Star Range can blend your vision for elegant dishes with an elegant setting as friends and family gather around and taste your offerings. Visit Avenue Appliance today to discover what a high-end custom BlueStar range can mean for your aesthetic tastes and tastebuds!