Fulgor Milano Ranges Just Got Bigger & Better!

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 1st Feb 2024

Fulgor Milano Ranges Just Got Bigger & Better!

Are you ready to elevate your cooking experience with Italian elegance and cutting-edge technology? Fulgor Milano, the renowned Italian luxury appliance manufacturer, has just expanded its reach in the North American market with its latest offering: the 48” Sofia Professional Induction Range. This piece of culinary excellence isn't just a range; it's a revolution in your kitchen. Visit us today to see our whole line up of Fulgor Milano ranges!

Why This Range is a Game-Changer

  1. Eco-Friendly Cooking: A Sustainable Solution in Modern Kitchens

In the current climate of environmental consciousness, the Sofia 48” induction range stands out as a pioneering solution. With the rising number of regions implementing bans on natural gas in new constructions, Fulgor Milano ranges offer an eco-friendly alternative that doesn’t compromise on performance. It replicates the traditional feel and robustness of a professional gas range, while completely eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. This feature is particularly crucial for those who are environmentally conscious and looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The Sofia range thus offers a perfect marriage of sustainability and professional cooking experience, ensuring that your kitchen remains both modern and eco-responsible.

  1. Intuitive Control Knobs: Blending Tradition with Modern Technology

Fulgor Milano ranges introduce a unique twist in the realm of induction cooking with their intuitive control knobs. This design choice stands in stark contrast to the digital touch controls commonly found in modern induction ranges. These professional-style knobs offer the tactile feedback and familiarity akin to a traditional gas range, making the transition to induction cooking seamless for many users. At the same time, they provide the precision and responsiveness expected from digital controls. This blend of old-school usability with new-age technology ensures that you have the best of both worlds – the comfort of traditional cooking and the efficiency of modern culinary technology.

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  1. Efficient and Powerful Induction Technology: Revolutionizing Your Cooking Experience

The heart of the Sofia range lies in its state-of-the-art induction technology, elegantly housed under a sleek ceramic glass surface. This advanced technology is engineered for superior performance. The induction system ensures an efficient transfer of energy directly to your cookware, heating up faster and using less energy than traditional gas or electric stovetops. This means quicker cooking times and a significant reduction in heat loss, leading to a more sustainable kitchen environment. Moreover, the precise control afforded by this technology allows for more consistent cooking results, whether you are simmering delicate sauces or searing meats.

Design and Customization: Tailored to Your Taste

  • Handcrafted Italian Design

Each Sofia Professional range is meticulously handcrafted and assembled in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. The attention to detail is evident in the hand-polished seams, welds, and the use of premium materials like 304 stainless steel and tempered glass.

  • Personalization Options

Fulgor Milano ranges understand that style is personal. That's why they offer interchangeable door kits for the Sofia range in six stunning colours, from Venetian Red to Rialto Grey. This flexibility allows you to align the range with your kitchen’s aesthetic or future design changes.

Models to Fit Your Needs

You have two models to choose from:

  • The seven induction cooking zones model.
  • A combination of five induction zones with a dual-zone, induction-powered griddle, emulating the traditional gas range setup.

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What This Means for You

The Sofia 48” range is a true statement. It's about embracing an eco-friendlier lifestyle without compromising on style or performance. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, Fulgor Milano ranges promise to transform the way you cook, offering both functionality and a touch of Italian sophistication to your kitchen.

A Recognized Industry Leader

Fulgor Milano isn’t just about producing ranges; it’s about innovating and leading the industry. This has been recognized with their selection as one of the top 10 brands for the DesignBites competition and being a finalist in the Best of KBIS 2023.

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Italian Craftsmanship at It's Finest

The 48” Sofia Professional Induction Range by Fulgor Milano is more than just a cooking appliance. It's a fusion of luxury, innovation, and sustainability. As you consider upgrading your kitchen, remember that when you invest in a Fulgor Milano range, you are adopting a piece of Italian craftsmanship that respects the environment and elevates your cooking experience. Ready to transform your kitchen? The Sofia range awaits you. Visit Avenue Appliance today!