Freestanding or Integrated: Which Style of Liebherr Refrigeration Suits Your Kitchen

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 1st Mar 2021

Freestanding or Integrated: Which Style of Liebherr Refrigeration Suits Your Kitchen

There's nothing quite so satisfying as finding appliances that add function and flash to your kitchen. You should be able to customize your kitchen to ensure you get exactly the look you want with functionality that fits your lifestyle. With Liebherr refrigeration, you can create custom solutions to serve your unique taste. Visit us today to learn more!

How Liebherr Designs Your Dreams

As gourmet dining has evolved to immerse "foodies" in a one-of-a-kind experience, Liebherr designers have risen to the challenge to bring the gourmet experience to your kitchen. It's all about what you prefer. Skillful designers combine stainless steel exteriors with technology and storage solutions that are sure to please your inner chef and your artist's eye. 

Freestanding Versus Integrated

Do you want a focal point that will draw the eye? Liebherr refrigeration systems can be an attractive sight to anyone who graces your sacred cooking space! If you appreciate the look of sleek luxury appliances, a Liebherr freestanding refrigerator can be the proverbial "feature wall" in your kitchen. It also can be a nod to the traditional style but with a definite style upgrade. 

If you appreciate the understated--and love having seamless flow throughout your open kitchen floor plan, the fully integrated style Liebherr refrigeration offers may be more your style. Integrating your refrigeration system with your kitchen cabinets can create a streamlined effect that modern eyes for style, enjoy. You'll have a luxury appliance that seems to fit with your specific needs in mind. With Liebherr designs, your needs come first! 

Liebherr Refrigeration Perks

No matter which style you prefer, you'll have all the functionality Liebherr refrigeration brings to your kitchen party! When you trust Liebherr for your refrigeration needs, you get access to some extra "cool" benefits like:

  • Fresher, tastier morsels preserved with BioFresh technology
  • Rapid cool options through their SuperCool feature
  • Adjustable side-door drink holder shelving for easy access and security
  • Safety glass shelving with height adjustment ability to allow taller containers to fit comfortably inside

A Few Details about Liebherr Refrigeration Features

Biofresh means delicious for you! Biofresh technology controls the temperature to ensure the best climate for your various foods. It helps food to maintain nutrition value while being stored in the refrigerator.

Liebherr designers get SuperCool marks for their SuperCool feature. On hot summer days, its fast-chill function is a definite must! Groceries keep well with consistent chilling. Your refrigeration system drops to a cool 36 degrees with SuperCool tech. 

What's Your Signature Liebherr Style?

Who doesn't need more customization options in their life?! Liebherr refrigerators have bottle holders and shelving units that are flexible for any unexpected additions. And for those awkward tall pots and large containers, adjustable features make living stress-free possible! Your Liebherr refrigeration solution grows and adjusts with you to ensure you always maintain your best life! 

No matter the style you love or the lifestyle you lead, Liebherr refrigeration can keep it convenient and classy! Drop by Avenue Appliance to learn more about customizing your kitchen.