Finding The Right AGA Range For Your Kitchen

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 22nd Nov 2016

Picture it: a cast iron range with timeless beauty yet all the modern features of the most sophisticated stoves available on the market, fully customized to suit how you cook. Wouldn't that be a dream come true? We wouldn't taunt you with something so incredible and not be able to produce it for you, would we? AGA ranges offer all of this for Edmonton lifestyles and more! The only trouble might be finding the right AGA range for your Edmonton kitchen!

Add a Pop of Colour with AGA Ranges

Let's start with one of the most fun choices you can make when customizing your AGA range: colour! It may surprise you to learn that there are 15 colours to choose from. With choices like pistachio, duck egg blue or even British racing green, there's a colour to suit any decor in Edmonton. No matter what your style is or what color scheme your kitchen uses, you can get AGA ranges in a color that expresses your taste and matches your kitchen!

Picking the Best Model for Your Kitchen

If you're into baking or just want to turn out a perfect turkey for a beautiful holiday meal, AGA ranges have a configuration for that! You can choose from a variety of oven options including three ovens, five ovens and even seven or more. You can roast up the perfect turkey and serve beautiful pastries all without that annoying oven-shuffle that you have to do with traditional ranges. How many times have you panicked because there's no way your pumpkin pie will be cooked before everyone is done devouring dinner? Or trying to fit in great side dishes or appetizers while you have a huge bird taking over your oven space? Those are all things of the past when you choose the AGA configuration that works best for you.

We're not done yet! You even have options to customize your range top. If you're a fan of electric cooking, you can add induction burners for fast, even cooking. Professional gas burners can be used if you're a fan of precision flame control and you can even add a warming plate cupboard so you never serve beautifully hot foods on cold plates again.

With all of these great choices and features you get with AGA ranges in your Edmonton kitchen, you'll never cook the same way again! At Avenue Appliance we can help you find the right AGA range for your kitchen and cooking needs. Contact us today and we'll be happy to help you customize your AGA experience so you can cook your holiday meals in style.