Ensure Food Stays Fresher Longer with Liebherr Refrigeration

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 22nd Jun 2017

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For the best in refrigeration, look no further than Liebherr Refrigerators. Liebherr is a trusted brand with over 60 years of experience exclusively specializing in refrigerators. Liebherr is an award winning brand, with every model boasting advanced German manufacturing and design to keep your food looking, tasting, and feeling fresh.

The ideal climate for your food

Liebherr designs their refrigerators with their patented BioFresh technology. This maintains refrigerator temperature at just above 0° Celsius and the perfect humidity, ensuring your vegetables, meat, and dairy remain fresh and never freeze. BioFresh maximizes the nutritional value of your food and extends the length of time it can safely stay fresh and delicious in your fridge. This saves you time and money going to the grocery store, and also cuts down on food waste.

Different compartments for different needs

Depending on the type of food you are storing, you can adjust the environments for optimal freshness. This is why Liebherr refrigerators come with special DrySafe and HydroSafe compartments that have customizable levels of humidity for your food storage needs. The DrySafe setting creates a low humidity environment just right for storing meat, fish, and dairy. The HydroSafe is perfect for produce, as it keeps the compartment at a higher level of moisture and comes with a customizable slide that lets you alter humidity levels depending on the type and amount of fruits or vegetables you are storing. There is even a free BioFresh App available for download to answer any questions you may have about food storage in your Liebherr refrigerator.

Keeping your food fresh and healthy

The Liebherr commitment to food freshness means that your groceries will retain their texture, appearance, and the all beneficial vitamins, minerals and trace elements that can easily be lost if stored in an unsuitable environment. Storing your fruits and vegetables in the HydroSafe compartments is simple and customizable, designed with helpful icons on the slide control so you can change the level of humidity. One droplet represents low humidity, while multiple droplets means higher humidity – this option is best for large amounts of produce, as it allows the moisture to circulate through your food.

When it comes to food freshness, never compromise – choose Liebherr refrigeration in Edmonton for lasting results and the best in food storage. Call Avenue Appliance at 780-433-5931 and talk to a Liebherr specialist today.