Transform the Way You Do Laundry with Condensing Dryers

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 8th Jun 2016

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When you think of different dryer types for your laundry room, chances are good that electric and gas vented tumble dryers come to mind. What you might not know however, is that there are also choices in how the dryer operates, which may make your next purchase something completely different from what you had in mind. One such choice is a condenser dryer that can change the way Edmonton does laundry!

Put it Where You Want it

Have you ever thought you would love to move your laundry room to a more convenient location in your home but didn't want your neighbours to think you've gone crazy when you start cutting a hole in the exterior of your house for the dryer vent? With condenser dryers, there is no exterior venting required, meaning you can quite literally put it where you want it as long as you have power. Just imagine how great it would be to have your laundry room closer to the bedrooms so you don't have to schlep clothes from one floor to the next!

Safer and Cleaner for Your Home

We're sure you've heard the horror stories of dryer vents becoming plugged and causing house fires. With condenser dryers, not only is there no need for vent pipes that may fill with lint, the dryer is not as hard on your clothes meaning there is far less lint produced. These dryers can operate at lower temperatures, meaning you might even be able sneak in clothes that typically need to be line dried.

Back to Basics

When you look at condenser dryers from the outside, they look just like your standard vent-type tumble dryers. The difference is in how the machine dries your clothes. Operating much like an air conditioner, only in reverse, a condenser dryer pulls air from your house, heats it and circulates it through your clothes. The air gathers moisture from the clothes and is passed through a heat exchanger and becomes condensed. The water that is removed during the condensing process is drained by hose or into a reservoir and the dry, hot air is re-circulated through the clothing. The process continues until your clothes are dry.

The Downside

Condensing drying can take longer to dry large loads compared to a vented dryer. However, the heat produced in a condenser dryer is a much gentler environment for your fabrics which ultimately gives you better fabric care even though the cycle is longer. If you plan to use a condenser dryer in a closet or a very small space, doors should be left open so that you don’t have a build up of hot air and condensation in the area.

Are you planning where you will move your laundry room now that you don't have to be tied to an outside wall? Contact our team at Avenue Appliance in Edmonton to see how condenser dryers can change the way you do laundry.