How to Keep Your AGA Cast Iron Looking Like New

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 21st Sep 2016

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For centuries cast iron has been coveted by cooks and chefs because of its ability to absorb and evenly distribute heat. The density of this metal resists buckling and warping during even the most extreme temperatures and has a natural ability to seal in moisture. The downside to cast iron cookware is that it requires the right care to keep its superior qualities. Since your AGA appliances such as their ranges are solid cast iron, it needs a little TLC to make sure it keeps its excellent cooking qualities for a lifetime of Edmonton cooking.

Caring for Cast Iron 101

One of the things you'll notice when using your AGA cast iron range to turn out a beautiful meal for your Edmonton family is that the ovens seal in moisture. Just like any metal that's not coated, cast iron can rust the moisture is left on the interior of the ovens or on the range surface after cooking. To keep your AGA range looking like new, there are a few tips you should consider:

  • When the oven has cooled, wipe away excess moisture that remains on the interior walls. 
  • Around the doors is a common place for moisture to collect so wiping these down after each use is recommended.
  • If you have cooked something that emits a lot of moisture, such as a turkey or large casserole, you might consider leaving the oven on for about an hour once the food has been removed to promote thorough drying.
  • Keeping the surfaces of your AGA Appliances range free from moisture is the best way to keep rust from building up and making sure that your AGA looks as good as the first day you got it.

Is That Rust I See?! What Do I Do?

You are busy living your Edmonton lifestyle and when you're cooking for a large group, you may not remember right away to wipe down the moisture left behind. If this happens and you notice some rust has formed, don't freak out! It is actually quite easy to restore the finish of your AGA Appliances range, so hold your horses because it's not the end of the world.

  • Using a wire brush, brush away the rust that has formed on the surface of your cast iron stove. 
  • Clean away any residue and dry the surface thoroughly.
  • Apply a thin coat of grapeseed or coconut oil over the area to prevent rust from re-forming.

A Clean Range is a Happy Range

Following everything we've said so far can seem quite challenging, but in the long run, with these care tips your AGA appliances will never have looked better in your Edmonton home. Want to see just how amazing these ranges are? Contact us at Avenue Appliance so we can show you the wonders of AGA appliances.