Bring Harmony to Your Home with Blomberg Appliances

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 14th Jun 2019

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Blomberg appliances is the second largest manufacturer in Europe. A style-driven brand, the company’s products have been compared to those produced by Bosch and Miele. While Blomberg began as a company that focused exclusively on smaller appliances, they have recently branched out, producing larger refrigeration units, dishwashers, and stoves. If you are in the middle of a renovation or are just eager to refresh your kitchen’s look, Blomberg appliances are a great way to bring some harmony into your home.

About Blomberg

Blomberg focuses on both function and elegance, using high-quality materials that are durable and easy to care for. When it comes to finding appliances that work in harmony with you and your needs, Blomberg cannot be beat. Appliances from the company feature pinpoint LED range lights and easy to use displays. Each one is designed to fit seamlessly in with your kitchen, aligning perfectly with one another and the rest of your home.

How Blomberg Appliances Work in Harmony with Your Life

There are a ton of features you can find on Blomberg appliances that will make your life much easier. One is the blue light system inside refrigeration units. This blue light is located inside the crisper, keeping your fruits and veggies fresh by stimulating photosynthesis. Silent operation on all dishwashers is another feature that works for your life, letting you run your dishwasher without being bothered by the high volume. Additionally, a flexible-power burner gives you the ability to select your heat intensity – high for quick boils or a lower setting for simmering.

How Blomberg Appliances Work in Harmony with Nature

Environmentally conscious homeowners can rest easy purchasing Blomberg products. The company was named the 2018 Energy Star Partner of the Year as a result of its efforts to create efficient and responsible products. One example of success in this area is the creation of refrigeration units that need less energy than a light bulb. Not only are the products green, but the manufacturing process is as well. Blomberg appliances are all created using an environmentally sound process, reducing pollution and complying with ISO 14001 standards. Most products are primarily made up of recyclable components, making eventual disposal safe.

Blomberg appliances are among the very best, bringing elegance and function to your kitchen. Edmonton area residents who want to see a wide selection of Blomberg appliances can visit Avenue Appliance online or in person. Here, you can find a range of products perfect for your home.