Blomberg Dishwashers: Suited for Life on the Prairies

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 1st May 2021

Blomberg Dishwashers

If you love looking out your window and seeing long stretches of grassland waving in the wind, chances are you might be a prairie dweller. Life on the prairie can be a beautiful experience, but hard on the dishes in your life! It's time to get the rundown on how Blomberg dishwashers are well suited to life in the prairie provinces. Visit our Edmonton appliance store to learn more.

Taking the "Hard" out of Daily Tasks

Why are Blomberg dishwashers ideal for life on the prairies? Let's talk hard details! Here's what Blomberg's dedication to clean dishware means for you:

  • The pipe-blocking/damaging culprit known as limescale won't threaten your peace of mind or your dishwasher's effectiveness.
  • Your dishes avoid streaking and water spots.
  • Dishwashers can accumulate harmful rust when build-up occurs. Blomberg’s technology breaks it down!

Weathering the Hard Water Storm

Prairie life can be wonderful to experience.Prairie water problems, not so much. Prairie regions experience water quality issues for reasons like:

  • Higher than normal organic matter levels
  • Problematic turbidity levels (related to sediment runoff)
  • Elevated organic carbon 

If you live on the prairie, you have valid water concerns. As water travels through chalk deposits and limestone below the surface, it collects minerals and creates hard water that can wreak havoc on any cleaning appliances. Blomberg dishwashers are perfectly suited to help you weather the hard water storm that prairie life can bring to your dishware.

A Little Softening Goes a Long Way

Minerals spots, cloudy glasses, and magnesium/calcium deposits can steal the sparkle from your dishware. Many dishware and dishwasher issues are avoidable when hard water isn't a concern. Blomberg dishwashers go to the source of your problems by utilizing a water softener. 

Water softeners are all about performance enhancement, harmful deposit breakdown, and protection. You can keep your water purer, stop rust from accumulating, and ensure that your dishes are spotless. Blomberg dishwashers add luxury to your prairie life by:

  • Lightening your workload (no rewashing needed!)
  • Tackling soap scum
  • Lengthening appliance life via using soft water
  • Enhancing the overall cleaning performance 

Prairie Life with Blomberg Dishwashers

It's time to find an appliance designed with your needs in mind. Blomberg dishwashers are the custom solution you need to keep hard water away, so you can focus on enjoying the scenery. Along with upgrading your appliance, you might find the quality of life you experience gets a helpful boost as well! Visit Avenue Appliance today to get the hard facts about how Blomberg dishwashers can stop damaging mineral deposits from affecting your bank deposit balance.