6 Tips for Home Buyers Looking for New Home Appliances

Posted by Avenue Appliance on 31st Mar 2015

Technology is constantly advancing making the purchase of home and kitchen appliances more complex. To be certain the appliances that you choose are what you actually require, here are some points the Avenue Appliance team suggest you consider when in the market for new appliances.

1. Style is very important depending on the desired design of your kitchen. Our premium appliances offer a variety of style options: stainless steel, panel ready (by purchasing custom panels to match your cabinets), modern, old fashion country, and up to 190 different colours.

2. Size is a key factor especially if your kitchen has cabinets already installed. Precise measurements will be required to fit appliances in the spaces provided. When cabinets have not been previously installed you should refer to the design or blue print for the accurate measurements.

3. What is your preference for ranges and stoves? Electric or gas? Check to see what kind of hookups your home has and then look at the pros and cons to decide what will be the best choice. At Avenue Appliance, we carry premium Electric Induction, Dual Fuel, and Gas ranges and stoves in a variety of brands with options such as touchscreen and smooth top.

4. Look for energy-saving trust logos and EU energy labels on appliances. They indicate energy-saving efficiency and energy usage measurements. Most refrigerators use A+ or A++ ratings depending on unit capacity. Ask an Avenue Appliance team member for assistance in locating and understanding these ratings.

5. Do an internet search for manufacturer videos and consumer reviews on brand name appliances you trust before making a final choice. Check out our manufacturers.

6. Money is always a part of the purchasing process. All of our appliances are high quality and high performance, but prices vary depending on the technology and features. The price should be considered in the overall life of the appliance and the quality of the machine.

In conclusion, always thoroughly research your home and kitchen appliances to guarantee the right ones for your home. Visit Avenue Appliance store in Edmonton for an up close look of our displayed merchandise and live premium appliances.Ask our team for assistance in selecting the best appliances for your home décor and lifestyle.

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