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Fisher & Paykel Contemporary Custom Panel Ready Full Size Dishwasher - Double Drawer w/ Water softener

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Product Details

  • Custom panel ready, double drawer design (panel not included)
  • A Tall Double DishDrawer™ is comprised of a standard-sized bottom drawer and a Tall (18”) top drawer, and has a standard installation height
  • Both drawers operate independently so different wash cycles can run simultaneously to accommodate a variety of loads & a true half load 
  • Built-in water softener improves wash performance by reducing unwanted minerals in the water
  • Flexible racking can be folded down to fit bigger dishes
  • Six wash programs, as well as additional Quick wash, Sanitize and Extra Dry options
  • Includes a knock to pause function (A knock on the front panel will pause the dishwasher which can be re-started again by using the start/play button)