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FAGOR Appliances

Fagor strives to offer kitchen appliances that create a lifestyle of increased comfort, convenience and energy savings. A very sleek, European, modern look brings high style and quality Spanish craftsmanship to Canadian kitchens. Fagor offers a wide range of appliances for your kitchen, including built in ovens, cooktops, refrigeration, and ventilation, so you can enjoy these appliances in every aspect of your kitchen.

Innovative European Appliances

Fagor brings together the most cutting edge technology and modern design features to all of their appliances while ensuring they are energy efficiency and eco-friendly.

  • The European style convection system in Fagor ovens features a third heating element that surrounds the two-speed fan at the back of the oven that circulates heat evenly throughout, resulting in shorter cooking times.
  • Fagor refrigerators have Multi-Fresh and Nature Fresh drawers, providing the optimum humidity and temperature conditions for keeping vegetables, meats and seafood fresher for longer.
  • Burners on Fagor’s gas cooktops are designed with three concentric flame outputs and large surface burners, allowing for versatility to switch from a high heat for frying meats to lower temperatures for simmering a delicate sauce.