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ASKO Dishwasher w/ Tubular Handle - Deluxe

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MSRP: $3,069.00
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Use the status light to determine if you can still add dishes to your load. As long as the status light is showing the right color, we will guarantee the load to be perfectly clean. Useful when you make those last minute rounds around the home to gather those forgotten dishes and glasses.

  • Number of place settings: 17 pcs
  • Number of racks: 3
  • Upper basket type: Exclusive - Nylon coated steel baskets, all tines rows are foldable, divisble/foldable wine shelves, Light Lock™ for fastening lightweight items
  • Size: XXL
  • Turbo Drying™ ensures that dishes are dry and cool by removing moisture with the fan assist.
  • Installation: Built under work top
  • Series: Style

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