CAPITAL Appliances

With over 50 years of engineering excellence, Capital pays attention to detail both small and large making your cooking experience gratifying and the aesthetics enviable. From their control panels on their ranges and wall ovens to the burner option on Capital cooktops, every aspect of their kitchen appliances are designed to maximize your cooking experience.

Spice Up Your Kitchen with Variety

Capital appliances let you spice up your kitchen by providing you a variety of choices so that you can have the best, most enjoyable cooking experience possible. Here are a few of the features that sets Capital apart.

  • Capital electric ovens have an exclusive Moist Cook cooking feature that uses moisture, not steam, to keep flavors in your food. This also reduces the popping and splattering of grease when cooking
  • The Culinarian Series of appliances has open burners that turns up to 25,000 BTUS and down to a delicate simmer offering one of the most flexible burners on the market.The open burners have a cast iron base with a matte porcelain finish made of high temperature aluminum for optimal performance.
  • Bosch ranges have telescopic racks that make handling baking trays easier and safer by allowing you to pull out the rack and easily remove food.