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Indoor Gardening in Edmonton

Anyone interested in fresh herbs and green veggies straight from your kitchen to your plate will love discovering Urban Cultivator. For generations, people have enjoyed indoor gardening with rows of windowsill pots or terrariums. While the plants add cheer to our homes, nutrients to our wintertime cooking and oxygen to our air, they can be messy and unorganized.

Bringing Sun and Water Indoors

An Urban Cultivator allows people to continue the delicious benefits of indoor gardening while removing the guess-work and mess. This latest development places gardening under your kitchen countertop. The company has developed an array of organic seeds for growing in the high-tech contraption that glows with light and is automatically watered.

An Urban Cultivator unit, which is about the size of a dishwasher, can be inserted in an existing kitchen or one being built. It needs to have access to your water lines for automatic irrigation. The garden space is visible through glass doors that can swing open or be designed as slide-out drawers, whichever you find more convenient.

An Urban Cultivator does away with the worry of dreary winter skies and the lack of sunlight by featuring grow lights to produce an optimum crop of whichever herbs and microgreens most appeal to your family's palate. The lights through the cultivator's glass doors brighten your kitchen, as do the green plants inside.

Brown Thumbs Welcome

If you are interested in growing your own herbs and veggies – whether you have a green thumb or not – stop by our Edmonton appliance store and get acquainted with Urban Cultivators. They have been intensely researched and all aspects carefully engineered so the home gardener can produce freshly grown food with ease and convenience. An Urban Cultivator under your counter means more nutritious meals for your family in all seasons.